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We manufacture & export world-class performance Socket weld Union


Socket weld Union is a type of pipe fitting is defined as a part used in a piping system, Welding a fitting to the pipe means it is permanently leakproof. We are a largest pipe fitting manufacturer for all type of industries in India & shipping worldwide. We can manufacture all 3 groups of Fittings such as Buttweld (BW) fittings, Socket Weld (SW) fittings & Threaded (THD) fittings as per ASME B16.11 standards & other International standards. Specialized in 45 degree elbow, 90 degree elbow, 180 degree elbow, concentric reducer, eccentric reducer, straight tee, equal tee, reducing tee, Y tee, cross, lap joint stub end, pipe cap, blind flange, slip-on neck flange, butt-welding neck flange, flat flange. Excel Metal & Engg. Industries continues to meet customers’ needs through global quality standards from original design to distribution. Excel Metal & Engg. Industries manufactures to global standards.

We are one of the leading importer, stockholder, suppliers & exporters dealing in Socket weld Union since 1990. When procuring raw materials to manufacture Socket weld Union, our primary responsibility is to ensure that same quality and consistency exists in our supply base.

Socket weld Union Specification

Stainless Steel Socket weld Union | Carbon Steel Socket weld Union | Nickel Alloys Socket weld Union | Monel Socket weld Union | Alloy Steel Socket weld Union | Mild Steel Socket weld Union

Size: NPS ½" through 4" Pressure Class: 2000#, 3000#, 6000#, 9000#, 10000#
End: Forged Socket Weld
Type: Coupling, ½ Coupling, Reducing Coupling, F/F Union, Branch Reducing Tee, Straight Tee, 45° Elbow, 90° Elbow, 90° Street Elbow, Hex Bushing, Hex Plug, Cap
Material: ASTM A105N (Black and Galvanized), ASTM A350 LF2, ASTM A182 F5, ASTM A182 F9, ASTM A182 F11, ASTM A182 F22
Specifications: ASME: B16.11, MSS: SP.83
Special Items: Solid Tee, Solid Branch Tee, Round Head Plug, Cross, SW Insert

  • We can also offer other grades or sizes as per customer's requirement.

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Socket weld Union Dimensions

Socket weld Union Dimensions

Product name:socket weld union
Item: socketweld-Union

Nominal Diameter
Outside Diameter

Wall Thickness

Socket Bore

Water way Bore

Depth of Socket

Length Assem
Dmin Cmin d1 d2 Jmin L


Threaded Socket Threaded Socket
Socket & Threaded
Socket Socket & Threaded
6 1/8 21.8 14.7 3.2 2.5 10.65 6.43 10 41.4
8 1/4 21.8 19.0 3.3 3.1 14.10 9.45 10 41.4
10 3/8 25.9 22.9 3.5 3.2 17.55 13.51 10 46.0
15 1/2 31.2 27.7 4.1 3.8 21.70 17.07 10 49.0
20 3/4 37.1 33.5 4.3 4.0 27.05 21.39 13 56.9
25 1 45.5 41.4 5.0 4.6 33.80 27.74 13 62.0
32 11/4 54.9 50.5 5.3 4.9 42.55 35.36 13 71.1
40 11/2 61.5 57.2 5.6 5.1 48.65 41.20


50 2 75.2 70.1 6.1 5.6 61.10 52.12 16 86.1
65 21/2 91.7 85.3 7.7 7.1 73.80 64.31 16 102.4
80 3 109.2 102.4 8.4 7.7 89.80 77.27 16 109.0



Description Class Designation
3000 6000 9000
Elbows 45 and 90 degrees,
Tees, Crosses, Couplings,
End or Pipe Caps
½ - 4 ½ - 2 ½ - 2
½ - 4 ½ - 2 ½ - 2
½ - 4 ½ - 2 ½ - 2
Pipe Size
by Wall Thickness
SCH 80 & XS SCH 160 XXS

Socket weld Union Packaging

Package details: Each order is packaged according to the customer’s standards including preparation for export such as wooden case, pallet or according to customer's requirement

All shipping documentation is provided for seamless delivery from mill to customer.

We export to:

Socket weld Union exporter, manufacturer & suppliers in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, West Africa, Russia, Kuwait etc.

ASTM Grades

Material Fittings Flanges
Carbon Steel

A234 Gr WPA


A234 Gr WPB


A234 Gr WPC


Carbon Steel

A234 Gr WP1

A182 Gr F1

A234 Gr WP11

A182 Gr F11

A234 Gr WP12

A182 Gr F12

A234 Gr WP22

A182 Gr F22

A234 Gr WP5

A182 Gr F5

A234 Gr WP9

A182 Gr F9

Carbon Steel

A420 Gr WPL6

A350 Gr LF2

A420 Gr WPL3

A350 Gr LF3


A403 Gr WP304

A182 Gr F304

A403 Gr WP316

A182 Gr F316

A403 Gr WP321

A182 Gr F321

A403 Gr WP347

A182 Gr F347


  • A234 = This specification covers wrought carbon steel and alloy steel fittings of seamless and welded construction.
  • A420 = Standard specification for piping fittings of wrought carbon steel and alloy steel for low-temperature service.
  • A403 = Standard specification for wrought austenitic stainless steel piping fittings.


  • A105 = This specification covers standards for forged carbon steel piping components, that is, flanges, fittings, Valves, and similar parts, for use in pressure systems at ambient and higher-temperature service conditions.
  • A182 = This specification covers forged or rolled alloy and stainless steel pipe flanges, forged fittings, and Valves and parts for high-temperature service.
  • A350 = This specification covers several grades of carbon and low alloy steel forged or ring-rolled flanges, forged fittings and Valves for low-temperature service.


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